The technology and security used as the base of ubiquitous society are supported.i-Cynap,Co.LTD.

  • 4th IoT / M2M Exhibition spring eye Sainappu Booth: West 3-21
  • First issue-vehicle device
  • From the temperature difference power generation device to the in-vehicle device of daily trains that we use often, we have the world put out a product that supports a wide range of life.

Research and Development

i-Cynap has a high technology, with the aim of comprehensive development company of reliable hardware and software have been vegetarian every day.

Joint development

I broad support from hardware to software. Mass production from the prototype, meets the needs of the partner companies and customers to business system.


It was renewed WEB site.
Professional Cramer in recruiting Programmer's
The beacon delivered to a major railway company
English HP Publication
Toreroke vehicle unit to a major railway company,Station display delivery


He celebrated the Keio University Takefuji professor adviser I am engaged in joint research and development.Keio University Takefuji laboratory

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